Ipod Touch??

March 31, 2009

So I finally broke down and bought it…the elusive Ipod touch. If anybody has any tips or cool stuff to do with it I would appreciate your info.



I cannot wait to see how Obama is going to whip this country into shape….This is going to be exciting!!!

Alright so I have been planning on doing a picture for my family with my little cousins as the stars. In fact Im already on the 4th child. There are 6 total so I think I’m doing pretty good so far. I am still debating on whether or not I should keep the pic a surprise until the very end or give updates as I go. Also if there is anybody out there who can give me some ideas for what to have the kids doing I’d appreciate it. I’m not sure what the background should be. They did go to Disney this year but I am not sure if that would be a little too obvious. Thanks for the help!! I hope to have the pic out soon! Fingers crossed.

Wow I’m Sorry

January 2, 2009

Hey guys sorry but i accidentally posted a bad link over to my deviant art page. I fixed it now feel free to check it out. Thanks!!!

Gotta Love Batman!!

January 2, 2009

I had to do this. When the Dark Knight arrived at my house on DVD I felt it only neccessary to pay the clown princeĀ  and the dark knight their dues. I hope you all enjoy!img_0164

Thank You Sheila!!!!

December 30, 2008

I just finished the picture that i had been working on for the head of the gift shop at the hospital. She completely surprised me because i was really trying to rack my brain to find out the best way to get it to her. I ended up handing it to her on monday at lunch and she was completely floored!!

Here is the picture.


I heard of this movie a couple days ago. I was actually pretty intrigued by it. Apparently its set in a post apocalyptic world. Since I’ve been playing alot of Fallout 3 lately I’m interested. Im not just some weird guy who obsesses bout that stuff. Okay that’s really all that was needed to lure me in so i kept reading. To my surprise it is being directed by Tim Burton!! cool!! I really think i gotta check it out. Heres a link to check it out.


I tried a contest

December 28, 2008

okay so I was lookin around the Fanart website and saw a contest on the forums for “What is your character like” I uploaded three pics. One was me, then there was the two Michael pictures. here they are if you are interested.

December 27, 2008


It starts!!

December 27, 2008

Well im startin this blog as a way to let everybody see my ideas and thoughts as well as some nice little pics i have created